What is Mikvah? BS’’D
“It is my time for myself.” 

    “It is like a honeymoon every month” 

“It draws down the Shechina — G-d’s presence — into my life” 

“It is an essential and central component of a Jewish community.”
What are all these people talking about? They’re talking about the Jewish commandments — mitzvot — of mikvah and family purity.
Although these mitzvot are millennia old they resonate with meaning and relevance today.
Women from all walks of life are practicing these mitzvot in increasing numbers and finding personal meaning in their practice and ritual.
What is a Mikvah?
A mikvah is a pool dug into the earth that contains pure water that has never been collected before and is accordingly referred to as “living waters.”
This seemingly simple collection of water is central to Jewish life and practice. The use of the mikvah for the mitzvah of family purity is the sole remaining observance of the laws differentiating between sacred and profane that is practiced as it was in the time of the Temple.
What is Family Purity?
Family purity — the mitzvah of taharat hamishpachah — is a practice observed by married Jewish couples. In Judaism marital relations are good and natural, and can be uplifted and made holy.
Judaism recognizes that a woman’s menstrual cycle reflects the universal cycle of death and rebirth.
At the appropriate time after the end of a woman’s flow she enters the mikvah and marks the moment of rebirth into a new cycle, at which time the husband and wife resume marital relations.
The bedroom of the married couple becomes the mirror of the Holy of Holies of the Temple and the home becomes the small sanctuary where G-d’s presence rests.
A Mikvah in Boulder?
Without a mikvah, family purity cannot be observed. For this reason a mikvah is central to establishing a Jewish community.
In 2005 the first mikvah in Boulder was built and made available for the practice of taharat hamishpachah — family purity.
If you are interested in learning more or helping the ongoing growth of the Jewish community in Boulder by ensuring the continued practice of this mitzvah, please contact us.
Mayim Chayim of Boulder
4800 Baseline E104-297
Boulder, CO 80302
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